Opening Pistol


The entire ethos of Lush Life can be summed up in a version of a DIY slogan.

“Show up. Get involved. No one is going to build it for you.”

Do It Yourself culture, in the truest of DIY ethos, is appropriated to fit the needs of communities everywhere. DIY obliges its followers to think for themselves and build ideology themselves to shape their world to align with the result. It’s reflexive; DIY communities are only DIY if you build it yourself with your own ideas.

This blog will document the adventures of Lush Life Productions as we embark on this tour called Bar Institute Econo, but will argue the larger and more essential idea that the DIY ethos is the best vehicle for the bar community to progress.

BarInstitute_Econo_ListProgress looks like more bartenders starting successful bars. Progress looks like more people finding sustainable career paths within our industry. Progress looks like more partnerships with brands to become an inclusive community with equal opportunities for everyone. Progress looks like more community led events and initiatives supported by all of us, not just with social media “likes” and shares, but by showing up and offering willing hands, organizational minds, outspoken voices, and the resolve to follow through with all three.

Bar Institute Econo is separated into 5 legs, each with a focus on a social justice cause. If our community is truly committed to hospitality and inclusiveness, these are the issues we must tackle to fulfill that promise. None of these themes should be a surprise. Every night of service behind a bar is a microcosm of these causes being advanced or defended. All the conflict resolution, customer service, production chain optimization and small business management can be applied to bigger ideas, and this tour is that call to arms.

We all have been sharpening our tools for quite some time. Let’s teach each other how to use them.

Let’s jam.