Straws, Man.

Watch this video and tell me straws aren’t super fucked up. Seriously, watch it and try to not get fired up about ’em. Dare you.

Its not the straw itself, but the fact that Americans use about 500 MILLION straws everyday according to the National Park Service. In an age where everything is “to go” (because we’ve all got somewhere to be), it’s not all that surprising. But it’s still fucking gross. Since straws pose a whole host of problems that make them nearly impossible to recycle, we might as well just wake up every morning and throw a straw (1.6 to be exact) in the nearest body of water. The fact that we dump these little pieces of plastic wherever we damn well please after they’ve served their purpose of providing us with a false sense of a more comfortable or (somehow) better drinking experience, is a symptom of the bigger problem. MINDLESS CONSUMPTION with no regard for the consequences.

So, what do we, as bartenders, do? The ideal solution is reusable/no straws. But, what if that’s not an option?


Let’s be honest. As much as hospitality is about anticipating the needs of our guests, being an adult human is about accepting your responsibility for the state of the world around you. And, I guarantee you that if that guests really needs a straw for that water, they’ll let you know.

Alright. Smoke break’s over. Back to work.


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