Our Band Could be your Lush Life v.1

Musical Tales from the Econo Van… Our van’s musical adventure didn’t truly start until we passed John Mellencamp Way somewhere on 65N driving from Louisville to Indianapolis.  We were filled with energy and excitement to finally hit the road after months of planning the Econo tour.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out Liz Porter knows the lyrics to pretty much every classic rock song that has ever been written.  We started with classic Americana sing-a-longs, post-Cougar Mellencamp, The Boss, Tom Petty, and after a lot of digging and downloading we finally arrived at Bob Seger’s Night Moves, just in time to check into our first hotel.  Our entire tour ethos is based after the Minutemen’s We Jam Econo way of life.  Do it yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you, do it on a budget and get your friends to help.

There’s been a heavy rotation on our speakers from bands featured in Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life and bands inspired by them.  If you’re in our van and weren’t already a fan of The Replacements, Husker Du, Mission of Burma, Big Star, Fugazi, Archers of Loaf or Pavement, you will be soon.  And let’s not forget Minor Threat.  At some point on our rainy drive to St. Louis Miss Liz Porter was driving, and David Kwon was supposed to be her co-pilot. The trusted co-pilot is the driver’s hype-man, navigating, keeping them awake and entertained with jokes and a Spotify DJ set.  At some point during the winding drive, our co-pilot fell asleep. After the third time through the Minor Threat discography I had to speak up! I couldn’t handle it anymore, I was Screaming at a Wall.  I was exhausted, and Ian MacKaye was keeping me up, forcing me to sing along and finger point in my mind.

Earlier in our drive we stopped off at a gas station to refuel on gas and snacks.  We see a bunch of ragamuffins wondering around doing the same.  They we clearly in some band, but not a band of bartenders.  Many of the residents of the Econo van toured with bands in our younger days, so it’s easy to spot other traveling vagabonds.  Arturo walks up to one of our shaggy haired musician friends and asked if they ever got mistaken for “touring bartenders.” It fell flat with them, but I thought it was hysterical.  Blake asked the guys what band they were in, they mumbled something that sounded ridiculous.  Liz asked where they were from: LA. Of course, they were from LA.  Our attractive young friends’ laminates boasted that they were on tour with Bastille, so I did some internetting and figured out our run in was with their opening act MONDO COZMO. So now we go straight to our trusty comrade Spotify for a listen. “Let ’em get high, let ’em get stoned, everything will be alright if you let it go,” the chorus belts out.  Pretty moving stuff guys.

At this point, we’ve stalked all of their social media.  I tried to order us some merch, but they don’t have a web store up.  Get it together COZMO!  It was one of those things that started as an inside joke, something you’re making fun of, but we now we can’t stop listening to this wretched song. Liz Porter has moved into full on trolling, and we’re not quite sure if her new love for Mondo Cozmo is a joke, or if she’s suffering from a bit of Stockholm Syndrome.

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