The Church of Bar Institute

Camera Canon 6d, Lens 17-40L 17mm @f4 iso 640 at 1/250 processed in lightroom with VSCO tmaxx 3200 filter added


Me being a not-so-religious person, I have my own beliefs on life and why things happen the way they do. The beauty of everyone is that we are all entitled to have different beliefs. Not being a person that goes to church, I found this photo especially interesting for many reasons. For someone who wakes up on a Sunday morning to attend a sermon, you are listening to someone’s story, experience and knowledge. Maybe it pertains to one specific lesson or verse, or perhaps it is more centered to one idea or thought.

When we do these pop ups in different cities, it’s almost like a church. People who feel left out, the ones who feel they might not fit in, the leaders and the followers all show up. They show up to listen and learn and have an experience. They leave feeling different or more rejuvenated, much like one feels when leaving a church. The foundation that we have created here within such an incredible community is something to be proud of. To preach the gospel that is hospitality is a beautiful thing to preach. This photo represents all of those things to me, 4 different people from 4 different walks of life under the same roof. Sharing their stories with everyone. Being completely vulnerable even if for only a day.




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