Make me a bird..



So, we are finishing up this leg of the tour soon with the main focus being mental health and wellness and I found myself with many thoughts about this subject. While wandering around this city today (Houston) I had my headphones in, listening to one of my favorite records and suddenly realized that I had walked quite a few blocks without really recognizing my surroundings at all. I then realized how big everything was around me and looked up.

At that moment I saw one bird fly overhead and it hit me. In this industry it is easy for us to fall short. It is easy for us to make excuses for how we feel or how we act. It is easy to blame other people or the bottle for our problems but in the end, there are always solutions. Did you really have a bad day? Or did you have a bad twenty minutes? We all have bad times or hard times. We will always have them. So, in that moment I saw more than just one bird, I saw its surroundings and my surroundings and was able to see such a beautiful connection.

In a way we are all this bird sometimes. Flying around, alone, to our next destination. Sometimes we have people leading the way, other times they may follow. Even though you may feel like you are flying alone or maybe you feel lost, someone will notice you. Someone will be there to help you find your way, and someone will be there waiting for you. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.


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