Econo is back in 2018!

You’ve been waiting for the announcement, and now here it is! Econo dates are here, and we’re probably coming to a city near you! Dates are all listed below the map.

How does all of this work? During the day, we’ll host classes to help you become a more successful member of your bar team and community. Then, at night, we host pop-ups to raise some money for charity. Last year, we raised over $30,000 and we expect to beat that this time around!

It only costs a $5 suggested donation (with all funds going to CORE) to get in the door for classes AND the event. So, bring your fellow bartenders, servers, bar backs and anyone else who works at your bar. You do not need to pre-register to get in. Just bring $5 (or more!) for CORE.

Check out our dates below, and we’ll see you on the road!

2018 Econo Tour - US - Transparent

Hope to see you soon!

3/12/18 – Tucson, AZ

3/13/18 – Phoenix, AZ

3/14/18 – Las Vegas, NV

3/19/18 – San Diego, CA

3/20/18 – Orange County, CA

3/21/18 – Los Angeles, CA

3/27/18 – Oakland, CA

3/28/18 – Sacramento, CA

3/29/18 – Reno, NV

4/09/18 – Detroit, MI

4/10/18 – Cleveland, OH

4/11/18 – Pittsburgh, PA

4/16/18 – Washington, DC

4/17/18 – Baltimore, MD

4/18/18 – Philadelphia, PA

4/23/18 – New York, NY

4/24/18 – Boston, MA

4/25/18 – Portland, ME



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