FAQ: Econo


What is Econo? 

Econo is a multi-city tour put together by Lush Life each Spring. This tour is intended to bring our educational programming directly to bar professionals across the US in a way that eliminates the high cost of travel for our guests while offering the highest level of career training alongside sparking conversation and leading training around the social issues that are troubling in our industry and our world. During the day, Bar Institute Econo offers these classes and by night, we welcome our guests to a celebration of their community through our popups which both raise money for charity and help foster networks.

How do I attend?

You can sign up for your city here or just show up on the day of the event. Either way, we’ll be asking for a $5 suggested donation for CORE and your undivided attention in class.

Who can attend? 

The daytime programming is built for bartenders and hospitality professionals at any level. So, please encourage your entire team to join us for this event. We want to see servers, bar backs, dishwashers, owners and bartenders all learning and growing together! At night, we encourage you to bring not only your work team, but your regulars, friends, significant others, bandmates, cousins, baristas and anyone else who likes to enjoy a beautiful cocktail and raise some money for a great cause.

How much does it cost to attend? 

We ask for a $5 donation at the door which gives you access to ALL of the classes AND the night time popup. Drinks in the evening are also on offer for $5 (again suggested), but we’ve taken as much as $167 to 86 the Jell-O shots (shout out to Rocky Yeh for that one!). If you don’t have the $5, but still want to come, please do. While we want to raise as much money as possible for CORE, our priority is offering this education to everyone who wants it. Don’t let money stop you from participating.

Where does that money go? 

100% of all money raised goes to CORE. They’re pretty rad.

Why did you pick CORE as your charitable partner? 

CORE is an amazing organization that helps families in need, but there’s a catch. You have to work in the hospitality industry. When we were looking for the right partner, we wanted to find a cause as devoted to the lives of hospitality workers as we are, and CORE was the clear answer. If you haven’t checked them out, peruse their website. They’re doing some seriously amazing work for our community.

What is a day like at Econo? 

10AM Doors Open
11AM Class One
12:15PM Class Two
1:30 Lunch Break
2:15PM Class Three
3:30PM Class Four
5-7 Break
7-10 PopUp

When are you coming to my city? 

Check out our tour dates for 2018 here. If you don’t see your city on that list, but you want us to come visit in 2019, just let us know. Email scheer@lushlifeproductions.com. We’re always open to suggestions.

I would like to volunteer. How do I do that? 

The best way you can help is by showing up and telling your friends. But, if you want to do more, would we ever love to have your help! Email scheer@lushlifeproductions.com with your name, where you live and what you’d like to do to help. If you don’t know how you want to help, don’t worry! We’ll find something fun for you to do.

Can I teach?  

Most of our class spaces are reserved for 2018, BUT we always love to hear great ideas. Email lindsey@lushlifeproductions.com if you’d like to send a class idea our way!

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